Availing a photo-booth-for-rent service can save an event planner so much time as the booth is pretty much readied by the company providing it for rental itself. However, in cases where one feels like making his/her own photo booth from scratch to make sure that it works according to one’s creative tastes throughout the process, there are a lot of tips out there that could guarantee a convenient but a glamorous booth set-up. Here we enlist some of the best tips we’ve found on the Internet for a party the guests would definitely commit to memory.


Firstly, make sure that the backdrop of your Photo booth is appealing. The overall display of the resulting picture relies heavily on how the backdrop looks like. Treat the backdrop like an art piece – don’t overdo it, but make it certain that it’s going to leave a lasting effect on anyone who’s going to see the resulting picture. You can opt for a plainly colored wall – white, blue, pink, turquoise – it’s up to your tastes. You can also opt for a patterned backdrop. You can design a backdrop that’s somehow relevant to the party’s theme or make something that’s completely out of the narrative to add a surprise effect. Stick to a 6 feet x 4 feet size for your backdrop for it to automatically match your camera’s dimensions. You can scroll through the website of a photo booth rental in Melbourne, Australia called Shutter Booth for backdrop ideas (www.shutterphotobooth.com.au).

Proper lighting is crucial. Make sure that your photo booth area does not have a poor lighting. Be generous in illuminating your booth. Parties held on daytime won’t have much problem with this. You can easily have lamps and plug them in. For parties held on the dark, however, remember to use lamps with a color temperature of between 5000K and 6500K. You can use a plain white light or a colored light for your lighting – completely up to you.


Of course, you can’t forget about the props. The props are the reason why photo booths are so entertaining. Like the backdrop, you can use props that are somehow related to the party’s theme, but you can also use ones that are completely out of context. In NCFOTOBOOTH, for instance, a photo booth rental in Raleigh, North Carolina, makes available hilarious props for their booth rentals like fake mustaches, huge and colorful eyeglasses, funny paper lips, birthday caps, and comical crowns to silly up any event. This kind of props can be easily crafted by hand or bought in stores.

Lastly, you can go for an instant film camera for your booth! For a simple yet artistic booth experience, these innovative cameras are the best to use. Guests can have the option of taking a selfie-style photo or have someone take the picture from any angle and have the picture in print just seconds after it’s taken! It also allows the guests to creatively experiment with their photographic handiness. This type of camera is perfect when one is opting for a cute memorabilia.