New data from the site Reddit has proven that furries are not only among the regular folks like you and me; they are adding more people in their ranks. Furries began meeting way back 1990 in Pittsburg. That time people might have not understood why hundreds of people all dressed as animal mascots as they listen to the talks, watch talent shows, and go to different furry parties altogether. This year it seems that most of the people online already know what furries are though they may be confused about fandom still.

In the truest essence, a furry is a person who finds joy in seeing images, playing a role, animation, or simply the fantasy of being an anthropomorphized animal and some people belong to groups who love loveplugs, too The furry fandom is composed of people of different demographics. There’s a small subset of its population that likes to do yiffy play or what is known as the flirty humanized-animal play. It includes cuddling, wrestling, and “scritching.”


It is observed that the number of furries around the world has risen in almost three decades as can be seen by the number of people who attend the Anthrocon or the largest furry convention as well as other subsidiary events. It is possible that such furries only wanted to pursue their own interests as they look at art and classic Disney films such as Robin Hood. They don’t really understand that they can be part of an entire community. The Internet brought together all these thousands of like-minded people. It’s also largely possible that because furries are more visible it has been easier to recruit people to join their imaginative world. is a site that hosts a lot of discussions, images, data, and documents about furries and their highly complex communities.

A lot of furries gather and organize data and their visualizations according to volunteer-led surveys. The site shows in its graphs that many of the furries are cis-gendered men who are in their late teens to their mid-twenties. In terms of sexualities, they are from all preferences and identities without any stand-out majority. They are white, monogamous, and they are not that interested in sex which was how they were portrayed by the media. Based on the demographics, it is truly possible for the furry fandom to have allowed cis-gendered men to explore the world of performance and identity outside the rigidity that masculinity is perceived to be. Some furries could feel the same way as the “bronies” or the fans of children’s program My Little Pony.