Fighting back against restaurant establishment that uses haunted dinnerware

I am SICK and TIRED of going into restaurants, sensing another presence, and telling the owners, just to be ignored!

I went to the local mcdonalds and I saw a ghost, right behind the spotty 18 year old cashier, I told the cashier, and he would NOT EVEN LOOK AROUND to check. He just assumed that I was making stuff up.

I am SICK and TIRED of being treated like a second class citizen JUST because I believe in ghosts and in the paranormal. The problem with our community is that we haven’t come together to really FIGHT the lies that is being spread by corporate america.

They want you to keep working 9-5 jobs. They DON’T want you to know the truth. If every one knew the truth, we would set our COMPLETELY change our priorities, to SOMETHING that they DO NOT like.

There was another restaurant that I went to, that used slate – how stupid is that? More details on the stupid plates (slateplate): click here. Anyway, slate is hundreds of millions of years old, so obviously this restaurant is going to be haunted because of that. As I was eating off of the slate, it started making a noise, and I felt a breath on my neck. I SCREAMED and I THREW the plate at the owner.

The owner got really angry at me, and in turn I GOT ANGRY AT HIM. Why in the world should I be the one getting the blame? THE FAULT IS IN THE RESTAURANT PEOPLE. A restaurant using plates that are millions of years old is GOING TO BE HAUNTED, and it was so GOOEY. I got into a heated argument with the idiot that was the owner and the chef, but they kept denying that the place is haunted. I got really angry at them and then they kicked me out.

Corporate america, and stupid people, THESE PEOPLE are our enemies, we NEED to come together NOW.