Real Life Ghost Stories

It isn’t hard to find a few real life strange circumstances and people from around the world have always expressed about it. However, here are a few real life ghost experiences we have brought up for you from ghost to ghouls. Take a look—

  • Truck Driver Michael’s Encounter with an Angel – So the story goes like this – One night during the 1990’s Michael was driving his way to Florida. He was working as a long-haul truck driver from Colorado. Around 3 am, he pulled into a truck stop somewhere in Louisiana and parked his car as he was quite tired driving the whole day. The parking lot was really big and he wanted to rest there for some time.

Michael kept looking for something to eat before going for sleep and he kept walking through the lot; there were no other truckers to be seen.

As Michael was looking for a place to eat, he reached to his wallet to see how much money he has got. All of a sudden, a man of about five feet tall and with the most beautiful bluest pair of eyes appeared in front of him out of nowhere and sad, “Brother, can you spare some money so I can eat.” Michael was stunned with his grace and he still gave him 5 dollars to eat. The man then took the money, told him “Bless You” and disappeared. Michael still thinks it was an angel testing him.

  • The Indian Haunting – So this one goes like this – A few years back a family moved into a house in Kansas border and since the time they have moved, they have been experiencing weird stuffs. Doors would open and close at random, holes would appear in the family members’ clothing, and they would see the apparition of a woman walking through the halls. After a lot of trouble, they decided to take help for their trouble and one day an Indian medicine man came to their house to do some cleansing stuff. The weirdness doesn’t end there. While the man was leaving, one of the family members turned his back to the Indian man and when he turned his face back to the person, the Indian man was gone and there was an owl instead. However, the owl flew away and the family never experienced any trouble again.